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D.J. and his company have done all of our tiling work on a major remodel. He is exact, fast, honest and above all, reasonable. Couldn’t want a better craftsman. He had to make multiple complex cuts and his work looks great.

T.A., Honolulu

DJ Mackenzie and Ace Tile recently installed porcelain tile in our living room. He is a true craftsman. Our home presented limitations for working but it did not hinder the quality or time of DJs installation. We spoke with suppliers in the tile field and they spoke highly of his abilities, willingness, and creativity. We recommend DJ and Ace Tile to all our friends and anyone contemplating a stone/tile installation.

J.R., Mililani


"This weekend we participated, with six other kitchens throughout the island, in “The Great Kitchen & Bath Tour”.  This tour is to raise money for the Honolulu Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization.  The turnout was unbelievable.  I last heard they had about 265 people come through our kitchen.  We were not home the whole time but the time I was, I heard a couple of visitors ask about the floor.  Then later I was told that everyone loved the floor.  I’m sure it’s not just because the tile looks like travertine or the giant size of it, but I really think the installation has a lot do wi with it.  We were told that our kitchen was the best on the tour!  Thanks to DJ and his brother’s hard work and dedication, our kitchen just might win some kind of award for JohnCookKitchens.  They should actually thank you for such a great job!"


"For years, whoever lived in the back of my home in a 3-room cottage, when it rained, had to slosh their way through the water puddles to get to their front door. But not this year. Thanks to DJ and Kathie, there is a beautiful walkway which starts at the bottom of the stairs of the front house, curves around the “hot” house before ending up at the front steps of the cottage. They also redid the walkway fo the front house which leads to the front door. It is most impressive because it dressed up a house that is 50 years old and looking its age with a new, exciting look. Asia Blue stone was used and the way the stone pieces were placed made an exciting pattern. I have had walkers stopped by to compliment me on my new walkway. Thanks, DJ and Kathie."



"Recently, I invested in a major home renovation project. I hired DJ to install random quartzite throughout the exterior entryway, balconies, and patio areas of my home. The artistic flow of the quartzite work created by DJ is so beautiful. DJ carefully selected very large quartzite pieces, placing each stone as close together as possible and leveled each stone eliminating high spots for a smooth look. The large stone pieces were used to intensify the beauty and patterned color of the stone. He also took extra care positioning the stone to ensure proper water flow away from the house and into the proper drainage systems. The other trade sub-contractors on this renovation project mentioned his workmanship as professional, well done, and would definitely recommend DJ to future job referrals. I thank DJ for leaving behind his beautiful trademark, being a true professional, and completing the job in a timely manner."


"As we decided it was time to convert our old tub to a shower, we contacted D.J. and received a quote and advice. We are repeat clients if Ace Tile, as they previously did our living room floor. Eugene, Greg, and Junior did the bathroom work from demo to completion. They were professional all the way. It is beautiful. We love it! We highly recommend Ace Tile for any work."


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